“Why Buy Hybrid?”

Also known as “Where do I plug it in?” At AOR Motors in the heart of Celbridge, we find ourselves explaining the basic tenets of hybrid almost every day. Here’s how we try explain it:

All hybrids are super on petrol because they have a second battery that helps propel the car – it gets charged as we brake, hence self-charging.

They’re automatic so the car can choose whether to run on battery or petrol or bits of both

Good for the planet, inexpensive to own.

Mainly Japanese, the reliability factor is huge – hence all the Toyota Prius taxis in Dublin (My personal favourite is the smaller Honda Fit Hybrid).

So Why Shouldn’t I Buy One?

If I go on the M4 to Maynooth or Kilcock at 120 KPH I’ll use the same amount of fuel as in a normal petrol Corolla or Civic. I’m not braking on the M4, so I’m not charging my battery, so my MPG isn’t super. It’s not bad, but if I drive a lot on motorways I should probably stick to diesel.

If I want to be a boy racer than let’s face it, the Prius and Honda Insight are not sexy, and Auto gearbox hybrids aren’t great at doing donuts…

And Why Should I Buy One?

Generally made for town / city driving in stop start traffic. If I drive from Main St Celbridge to HP in Leixlip 2 kms away at less than 50 KPH I will use almost no petrol, just battery. That’s good for the planet, and for my wallet.

In the unlikely event of the battery dying it’s not crazy money to get a replacement. And re-sale value may well be best of all options in the current market...

Thanks for Reading