“Why Do Finance? I can pay CASH!”

Like most businesses that do a high volume of turnover in expensive goods, AOR Motors hate cash. Why? Well, there’s the hassle and costs of lodging it to begin with (Banks charge big fees to lodge cash) . There’s the risk of thieves en route to the bank too. We also have to give cash customers’ details to the Dept of Finance’s Anti – Money Laundering division.

Therefore nowadays we offer our clients the opportunity to pay for their new car by Electronic Funds Transfer online, or by bank draft / credit union cheque, or indeed by Visa Debit at our premises.

However, more and more of our clients are choosing Hire Purchase. At AOR Motors Aongus is a qualified PiBA who explain the pros and cons of HP for your situation and the vehicle you wish to purchase. There is one universal question however that will determine whether Hire Purchase will suit you when you buy your next car. Ask yourself this:

“If I pay for my car with the €10 grand I’ve saved (or the €10 k the credit union has forwarded me), can I get my hands on a few grand if a rainy day emergency comes?”

If the answer is “Yes, I can” then you don’t necessarily need car finance. If however the answer is “I’m not sure” then that €10k car could cost just €49 per week over 5 years, leaving the Rainy Day Money untouched and available.

When you choose to go for finance, once you fill in all documents you can take your new car and go. And we don’t have to worry about lodging that €10 grand sack of cash either!

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